The Croatian Republic (Croatia) is a state in Europe, at the crossroads of Central Europe and the Balkans, adjacent to the Adriatic to the south, Slovenia, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro. From 2013 July 1 is a member of the European Union

In Croatia, three climatic zones are distinguished: the Mediterranean, the mountainous and the average continental one. The Mediterranean coastal or subtropical climatic zone includes the Adriatic coast and the Dinar archipelago. Summer and summer are hot and dry in this area, and the winters are cold and rainy. The average temperature in July and August is +24 degrees Celsius. The days are usually 27-30, at night 20-22 degrees of heat. In January, the average temperature is + 5, +12 degrees Celsius.

The territory is characterized by high rainfall. Unlike other Mediterranean coastal areas, the coast of Croatia spans the summer. This is usually a brief, intense thunderstorm, coming from the west to cooler air. It usually rains about 15 days in summer, precipitation is about 100 mm or more than 30 mm per month. Winter on the coast of Croatia is very heavy: in November, December, over 100 mm of precipitation falls over a month, mostly rain.

There are weak winds in the coast, frequent breezes in the summer, and sometimes storms in the winter. Strong winds are available all year long.

The continental climate zone is the capital of Croatia, Zagreb and surrounding areas. Summer hot and humid, frequent lunch rain. The average air temperature in July is nights +13, in days +25 degrees. Winter is cold, with frequent cold weather and snow, the temperature of the air is about 0 degrees.

The mountainous climate is dominated by high rainfall, intense summer thunderstorms and very snowy winters.

The climate in Croatia is conducive to the various types of recreation and tourism: skiing in the mountains in the winter, in the springtime, in summer and autumn, sun beds and baths are predominant on the Mediterranean coast. Adriatic sea temperature on the coast of Croatia in January. There are about +12 degrees, in July +27 degrees. Most of the water has been heated to +30 degrees.

This could be a great holiday for you in the Adriatic Sea, which runs across all the southwestern coast of Croatia. This coast is characterized by a fascination of natural diversity, and there are many tourists from all over the world who want to know the country, its culture or just relax. There are 260 sunny days a year, and there really is somewhere to sail there. In total, only 1,455 islands, from dwarfs to really large, are found to be small in Croatia.

Shipping with all infrastructure in Croatia is well developed. Water tourism is very popular here. In the country, you will find many well-equipped marinas with boutiques and cafes, a large selection of rental yachts, motor boat, catamaran or other water vehicle. The recreational shipping season begins in May and lasts until October. These trips will be perfect for both romantic and affectionate friends’ companies.

There are plenty of pleasure shipping companies in Croatia, so the choice here is really great, from boats two to the largest catamaran to a whole group of friends, to travel alone or with the captain. Most of these ships are new, modern designs. Ships are conveniently adapted for living – cozy bedrooms, well-equipped kitchens, comfortable toilets and showers, spacious living areas, even more spacious decks will create a perfect holiday experience.

Staying in Unesco’s protected cities and towns, you will find plenty of architecture, history, museums, tiny souvenirs, cozy cafes and great boutiques. You can buy fresh oysters, fish or other seafood right here, on the shore, directly from fishermen, and then you will have an excellent chance to try your culinary skills on board.

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