Cruises in Lithuania

Modern boat Bayliner 285 Cruiser

Klaipėda – Klaipėda harbor – Kiaulės nugara – Klaipėda

2 h cruiser cruiser Bayliner 285 Cruiser. Price: 280 eur

After leaving Klaipėda, you will inspect the port area and access the INDEPENDENCE gas storage. When you come to Pig’s back, you can have fun on board, enjoy the sun and the surrounding wonderful views. Having a great time, return to Klaipėda.

Klaipeda – Juodkrante – Dead dunes – Klaipeda

4 h cruiser boat Bayliner 285 Cruiser. Price: 400 eur.

Departure from Klaipėda. When exploring the banks of the Curonian Lagoon, you will swim in the port area. During your stay you will stop in Juodkrante, where you can have a dinner and take a stroll on the waterfront or visit Wagan Mountain. Once you have settled in Juodkrante, you will wash it to the dead dunes. Here you will have the opportunity not only to bake, enjoy the sun, take a bath or take pictures of great photographs of the Immaculate Dead Dunes from the water. At the end of the trip you will return to Klaipeda.

Klaipėda – Juodkrantė – Šturmų Švyturys – Klaipėda

6-8 cruise boat cruises Bayliner 285 Cruiser. Price: 500 euros

You are leaving Klaipėda. Having flooded the port area, you will reach the beautiful Juodkrante. Here you can easily snack in the cozy cafe, stroll along the Juodkrante quay. Leaving Juodkrante, take the Sturm Lighthouse, where you will have the opportunity to enjoy the sun, gullies, passing ships, wonderful gulf bogs and foggy sand, so the trip will not last long. When you come to the Storm Lighthouse, you will have a truly gourmet dining experience, as the food is produced here by high-level kitchen chefs, true professionals of your work and only from extremely fresh produce. After a great lunch you will return to Klaipeda.

Klaipėda – Mirusios kopos – Uostadvaris – Mingė – Klaipėda

6-8 cruise boat cruises Bayliner 285 Cruiser. Price 600 euro.

In the morning you will depart from Klaipeda. Slowly swim in the harbor area, admire the lagoon shores, take great INDEPENDENCE, reach the Dead clusters. This is a wonderful natural entity that does not leave indifferent. Staying here, you can have a picnic, enjoy the pleasures of the sun and water, and enjoy the unforgettable views. Enjoying the Unesco Nature Masterpiece, head to Strum Lighthouse, where you can have a delicious dinner. Here you will meet restaurant chefs with great food and wine. All the impression is the slow passage back to Klaipėda port.

Klaipėda – Mirusios kopos – Nida – Klaipėda

8 h cruises on the Bayliner 285 Cruiser. Price: 680 euro

You depart from Klaipeda in the morning. When you reach the Dead cluster, you will stop enjoying the beautiful natural beauty. If available, you will also enjoy the pleasures of the sun and water. Later go to Nida. After landing in Nida port, you can take a stroll around the town, ride bicycles on a beautiful quay (bike hire is offered at the harbor), visit souvenir shops and dine in a cozy cafe or lunch restaurant. Here, their choice is really abundant.

Klaipėda – Mingė – Šilutė – Klaipėda

8 – 10 hours Cruise ship cruiser Bayliner 285 Cruiser. Price: 750 euro

In the morning you will depart from Klaipeda. Enjoying the lagoon landscape, the sun and the sea, you will explore the port area, the great INDEPENDENCE, Juodkrante, the Dead clusters. Enjoy snacks for a long trip. The road to Silhouette is really interesting with its shores, wings and turns. It’s like a little Venice in Lithuania. When you swim, you will have the opportunity to hear the bird’s fun, get to know different vegetation, talk with your cradleing hairs, see near passing cars or crawl on carefully crawling boats. There is a brasserie in Silute port, where you can have a glass of cocktail under the open air or drink it. After lunch, you will return to Klaipėda slowly while listening to the pictures.

Rental prices

Payment type:Price:Duration:
Short-term rent:280,00 Eur.*2 hrs.
Short-term rent:400,00 Eur.*4 hrs.
Short-term rent:500,00 Eur.*6 hrs.
Short-term rent:600,00 Eur.*8 hrs.

* Included in the price are: master’s service, fuel, dishes and grill, cleaning fee.


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