Rental rules




– Order price includes completely arranged boat with equipment and/or services according to current price-list. Order price doesn’t include parking in the ports (except the home port), also fuel used during rent period of the boat.

– Boat and services can be regarded as ordered only after complete payment.

– Current prices of ship rent and services are presented only online, on website: www.travel-boat.com.

– Ship can be controlled only by the person, who has a license allowing to control boat of the respective category. If the client doesn’t have such license, he must hire a person, who has the respective permit.

– If the order is cancelled when more than 14 days are left till the beginning of order – applied cancellation fee equals 50 % from the price of order.

– If the order is cancelled when less than 14 days are left till the beginning of order – applied cancellation fee equals 100 % from the price of order.


– After arrival to rent the boat, a deposit of 1000 Euros is taken. This deposit is left by the client during boat transfer.

– Deposit can be paid by any member of crew, who gives permission for the captain to use the deposit.

– In case when value of infringements doesn’t exceed a sum of 1000 Euros, loss because of made damages is enumerated from the deposit.

– If the losses exceeds 1000 Euros and actions made are acknowledged as insurance event, value of damages is covered by insurance company.

– If value of damage exceeds sum of the deposit, an administrative fee of 20 percent from the sum of losses is applied.

– Damaged inventory isn’t repaired – it must be replaced with new one, except the cases when the owner of boat decides otherwise.

– If the Client orders services of the captain, he doesn’t cover the losses that occurred because of mistakes or poor management of the captain, but the Client must repay the losses that occurred because of actions or inaction of the latter.

– It is allowed for the boat to travel through inland and inshore waters (C category).

– The boat is insured by Casco and civil liability insurance policies.


– Captain (Client) is responsible for the boat and its crew.

– If the Client rents boat with “Travel Boat” (company) captain services, the client himself is responsible for the safety and order of the boat and people, when captain is absent on the boat.

– Captain is transferred to the captain, who has an original copy of the license, allowing to control the respective boat. “Travel Boat” company has a right to make a copy of the original license.

– Boat is transferred to the Client on convenient time, from 2 p.m. o’clock.

– Boat is transferred with full fuel tank.

– During transfer the Client (Captain) must check that the boat is in order according to the provisions of Transfer – Acceptance note (hereinafter in the text – the Note). If any breakdowns are found, which are unknown to the company “Travel Boat” – the Client (Captain) must inform about it the person responsible for the transfer, who has to make the respective marks in the Note.

– Company can ask the Client (Captain) to show his boat management abilities, in order to ensure, that he has sufficient experience.


– When the Client returns the boat, the Company checks its state according to the provisions of the Note. If all points satisfy the state determined in the Note, the latter is signed. In case breakdowns or damages because of inappropriate exploitation of the boat, the Client must recover losses according to provisions of 3 article of this Agreement.

– If no breakdowns or damages are found on the boat, the deposit is returned to the Client in the same way it was received.

– When boat is returned to the Company, the used fuel is recovered by traveling by boat to the fuel station and by filling up the fuel tank completely. The Client can participate in the process of fuel tank filling or, if the Client doesn’t participate, he receives a cheque for fuel recovery.

– Sum for the used fuel is fixed in the Note and remunerated when the deposit is returned. Also this sum is marked in the final invoice.

– If the Client returns the boat with full fuel, in the same way it was received, additional fee for the fuel isn’t calculated.

– Boat must be returned to the same port, from it was taken, on the last day of order, until 3 p. m. o’clock.

– If return of the boat is delayed for more than 3 hours, then a fee that equals an average price of the boat for one day must be paid.

– If the Client requests to return the boat earlier than the end of rent period, he must in advance inform the Company, in order to ensure the possibility for the Company to accept the boat.

– If the Client requests to extend rent of the boat, it can be done in any time, by informing the company, provided that the boat isn’t ordered by other client. Price for the extension of rent period is determined according to current price-list. Extension is regarded as confirmed after it is pre-paid.


– If the boat is rent under own responsibility, the Client must have an original copy of the license, allowing to control the respective boat (otherwise the Client must order service of captain according to current price-list of the Company). The Company reserves a right to make a copy of the document.

– The Client can’t leave the boat to the third party.

– The Client must ensure that on boat there are only those persons, who are included in the list of crew.

– The Client must guarantee that all crew will undertake the joint responsibility before the Company. List of the crew must be kept with all documents of the boat during all period of the order.

– The Client must inform Company about any changes in crew member of the boat.

– The Client must inform the respective authorities about the departure to water area of the Baltic Sea.

– The Client must follow the laws of the country, where he is travelling by boat.

– The Client must undertake all possible safety measure, in order to ensure safety of the crew and the boat.

– The Client must take care and protect the boat and its inventory.

– When boat is left at the port or other place without the crew, the Client must turn on security alarm.

– The Client can’t departure from the port if strength of the wind reaches over 20 knots or in the case the services of port doesn’t issue the respective permission.

– The Client can’t take pets or wild animals on the boat without a permission of the Company.


– Company presents for transfer a clean boat, in the state suitable for use, with full tanks of fuel and water.

– If Company isn’t able to present boat for transfer on time because of delay of the other client, the Client receives a compensation, which equals to order value of one day.

– Company isn’t responsible for the delays that occur because of poor weather conditions, unfavorable for the navigation.


– If the Client has claims in regard to the work of the Company or the captain, offered by the Company, such kind of claim must be presented on the day of boat return, in writing and confirmed by signature of the Client.

– If the Client demands for remuneration, it must be agreed during boat return. In such agreement case a written document is prepared with signatures of the both parties.

– If claim of the Client can’t be solved during the boat return, it must be sent within a period of 14 days. Otherwise the claim won’t be heard.

– The parties are making all efforts to solve claims through mutual agreement. In case when mutual agreement fails – in the courts of the Republic of Lithuania.


– If the boat is controlled by captain hired by the Company, the Client must respect and follow every order of the captain.

– These rules are signed and kept on boat from the moment of boat acceptance till the boat transfer.

By signing these rules the Client agrees that his data would be used for direct marketing purpose of company “Travel Boat”, provided that information can’t be transferred to the third parties.