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Terms of Service

These Terms of Use shall apply to the provision of a charter service (hereinafter referred to as “the Service “) produced and maintained by TravelBoat (hereinafter referred to as “TRAVEL BOAT”), principally operated at the web site .

Description of the service

TRAVEL BOAT carries out rental boats for Service users (Customer). The service utilizes international charter booking systems through which TRAVEL BOAT represents professional and appropriate companies involved in charter companies registered in their area (hereinafter “the company”).

The service is still used in the databases of the above-mentioned reservation systems, which are produced by the companies and on technical and price information, on the basis of which TRAVEL BOAT markets the service and makes customer offers. The boats in the reservation system are equipped, inspected and insured according to the laws and regulations governing the operation of the aircraft. In the service, TRAVEL BOAT uses its expertise to find the best possible venue options for the customer and the relevant comprehensive information for each particular situation.

TRAVEL BOAT’s position is to act as a broker and as an agent of the Company, the boat is leased by the Customer and the Boat Leases Company always a separate lease under the company’s policies. TRAVEL BOAT is responsible for the Customer Service related to the Service and acts as the intermediary for information and payments and is not a party to the lease.

TRAVEL BOAT carries out rental boats, basically, on the same rental price, which
companies rent them directly to Customers without a broker.

TRAVEL BOAT does not charge separate service or brokerage fees for the Service.
booking process

When making a booking / booking on a charter boat, TRAVEL BOAT will inform you of this via the booking system and confirm the order / reservation to the Customer in writing by e-mail.

The customer confirms the booking in a binding manner by paying TRAVEL BOAT’s invoice for the rental allowance, which is 50% of the total boat rental. TRAVEL BOAT will pass the rents paid by the customer to the rental company.

Advance payment is payable at the time of booking and the payment will confirm the booking definitively. All charter boats have a designated master of a boat with a country-specific qualification requirement in the crew list and rental documents. In connection with the booking, TRAVEL BOAT will ask the Customer for the certificate of the person in charge of the boat (copy) and, later on, the crew list at the beginning of the rental period. Look Crew List and Qualification Certificates

Rental Conditions

The appendix to the leasing invoice is attached. the English rental terms of the rental company that the customer accepts by paying the invoice. The terms of the lease specify the contractual relationship between the Customer and the Company, the content of the service, the rights, obligations and responsibilities of the parties, as well as the cancellation and other terms as well as the measures in the case of errors, damages and disputes.

If the language used is an obstacle to the interpretation of terms, TRAVEL BOAT Customer Service is available to Customer. Due to the characteristics of business operations and the different principles applied in different countries, the rental terms are company-specific.

Use of a rented boat

The customer must use the boat as described in the lease, taking into account good and safe boating and local and international sea and other relevant legislation. These CONDITIONS OF USE OF INTERIM SERVICE do not cover the use of a boat.

Customer interface

In addition to personal service and expertise, TRAVEL BOAT’s website provides a customer interface for the booking system. Through the customer interface, the customer has the opportunity to request bids, make reservation options and bookings. Tenders, booking options and reservations received through a customer interface will become binding only when TRAVEL BOAT has separately confirmed them on behalf of the Company. The confirmation will be done by email within 24 hours after the customer has requested the offer, made a reservation or a reservation.

Limitations of Liability

The service may contain links to other websites. When transferring to third-party websites through the Service, it is done at your own risk.

Cookies and other similar techniques may be used to improve the service. If Customer blocks cookies, the features of the Service may not be fully available.

TRAVEL BOAT is not liable for any damages caused to Customer or third parties due to the use of the Service, or any malfunction, technical malfunctions, malicious software, links or breakdowns.

When using a customer interface, TRAVEL BOAT will not be responsible for the accuracy of the information received through it, except for the data content it generates. Changes to the information content possible without notice. Binding price and other information TRAVEL BOAT will offer separately for offers.

TRAVEL BOAT will also not be liable for any damages or disadvantages that incorrect or insufficient information may cause to the User or third parties.

Acceptance of Terms of Service

By using the Service Customer accepts this Agreement as legally binding.

The Finnish law applies to the service.

An individual rental transaction is carried out under the terms of the lease and according to what has been found in the application of the law. In disputes concerning the lease agreement, TravelBoat is not a party.

Potential non-lease agreements, TRAVEL BOAT’s and Customer’s disputes are primarily sought to settle in an amicable manner through negotiation. If no settlement is reached, a dispute will be settled in the district court of Vaasa.

Crew List and Qualification Certificates

Because of the authority requirements for leasing companies (“the Company”), the crew of the boat (hereinafter referred to as “the Customer”) is a boat crew list containing personal data.

The charter is also always the master who is named in the crew list and boat rental
documents. In practice, in all countries, a person in charge of a charter vessel is required to be qualified / qualified to carry a charter boat. In general, these qualifications require an international boat charter certificate and a VH / SRC certificate.

A rental boat may not be used without a crew list and a designated master with the necessary qualifications.This is also stated in the Lease Agreement between the Customer and the Company.
The company confirms its competence by requesting in advance a copy of the master’s qualification certificates.In some cases, certificates of competence are required for two crew members.

TRAVEL BOAT will ask Customer for copies of the above mentioned certificates at the time of booking and the crew list about 3-4 weeks before the start of the rental period on behalf of the Company.

The crew list contains the following information:

  • the name
  • birthplace and country
  • date of birth
  • citizenship
  • passin number
  • the knowledge of which crew members are the required qualification certificate for the carrying of a boat

The customer submits the certificates to TRAVEL BOAT for example as an e-mail
attachment that TRAVEL BOAT will forward to the Company.

The crew list is provided by the Customer to the Company

  • by using an electronic service to which TRAVEL BOAT will provide him with a link or,
  • TRAVEL BOAT will ask Customer to fill out and return the information to TRAVEL BOAT using a form provided by TRAVEL BOAT to the Company. The company can also belocated outside the EU.

TRAVEL BOAT retains the information on the date of arrival until the rental period has expired. Crew lists and copies of certificates will be destroyed after the end of the rental period. Crew registers and certificates do not constitute a register referred to in the Personal Data Act.

Rent a boat cheaply and easily

Why do you see the trouble of looking for a boat when we do the work for you, just tell us what, where and when, so you get suggestions from us that you can choose from. After a successful charter boat, we will take care of the rental process for you. We are also looking for answers to your questions and practical details.

Our online reservation system is also in your use, you can pick up interesting options there and then put us on the matter, or make a reservation through the system yourself, we’ll handle the rest. You can get a charter boat more cheaply than directly from the charter company, or at the most at the same price. Other travel arrangements and tickets are handled by ourselves, we will be happy to advise you as you wish. We also advise, guide and guide you in all other things to suit your needs and abilities. The success of your trip is important to us. The charterer is always the charter company from which the boat is rented and the person (s) leasing the tenant as a lessee to rent a boat, between whom the lease is also signed. At the time of the reservation, the hirer will be provided with the English terms of the rental agreement which, if desired, will also be provided in advance. TRAVEL BOAT acts as an intermediary.

Self-guided weddings

Our concept is self-guided weddings. Our goal is to provide you with the easiest, most flexible and safe way to go on a boat holiday and on a sailing trip, even if you are absolutely first-timer. And not just easily, but also cost-effectively.

Boat rental in a nutshell, so it goes

  • Contact us and tell us why you would like to travel (which week) and roughly what type of boat you have been considering and how many are you leaving. We can also suggest, based on our experience, good alternatives.
  • Note that the season is always divided into several price periods, the most expensive episodes in the Mediterranean are in June, July and August.
  • Once the basics are clear, we check the availability of the rented yachts and we will provide you with a suitable alternative / options for you to explore. If you want to think peacefully, we can make the booking boat a 3-4 day booking. The option does not bind you to anything, and you do not pay anything, you can consider it without fear of someone else renting the boat.
  • Once you have made your decision, we will make a reservation for you charyervene and we will send an invoice for your prepayment and rental terms. The prepayment is 50% of the rent and is due to be paid approximately one week after the booking. Approximately 8 weeks before the beginning of the rental period, at the latest we also need information about the crew for the crew list.
  • You book and pay for flights, we also get directions on how to get to Marina from the airport and how the boat rental is practically going.
  • For gearing and food and beverage purchases, you can get directions from us.
  • As needed, we can also meet Skype through and learn more about it. We will handle all contact with the boat rental company and look for answers to your travel questions. If you are going to Croatia or Greece, we can suggest a sailing route.

Search boats online

If you want to look for and watch the boats yourself, use boat search .
In boat search, you can browse the whole range of available boat rentals. You can search for boats by departure port, boat sign, age, equipment, and many other search criteria. When you find a suitable option, send us a quote directly to us for a boat search or tell us which boat you want to reserve so we will take care of it for you.

The rental rate depends on the time

We always get the boat at the same price as direct from a charter company, or more economically. Prices are tied to pricing periods by season. The highest prices on the Mediterranean are in July and August when it is a holiday in Central Europe. Good times for Finns are May-June and September, including October. Then there is a warm and hardest congestion that is just coming or past.

At its best / most affordable supply and prices are in November-December. Even in January you will get a so-called. a discount of the advance payer, typically 10-20%. In the early part of the year, however, supply has decreased since there are largeboat shows in Central Europe. Later in the spring there will be special discounts on the remaining charter boats, which however require a “breakthrough”.

Always ask for a quote!

What does a boat rental include and where does it go for an additional fee?​

For boat rentals, the rental price includes a sailboat (or motorboat) with equipment for the desired time period (whole weeks). The rental boat is usually delivered on the first Saturday of the rental period by 17:00 at the latest. The rental period usually ends on the last Saturday at 9:00. The rental boat will be returned to the port of departure on the last Friday of the season, usually no later than 16:00 or 17:00. Final inspection can be done. The final inspection includes eg. diving by checking the bottom of the boat. This must be done during a light period. The crew can stay on a boat between Friday and Saturday night. The VHF phone, chartplotter, sonar, inflatable boat (outboard engine for an extra charge of 80-100 €), harbor charter, sea charts, kitchen utensils, etc. are often equipped with basic equipment. We are happy to supply a complete range of equipment from a boat. In addition to the rental price, the rental price will always be mandatory. The fee depends on the size and age of the boat (usually € 150 – € 300, catamarans from the week end of the cruise ship). 250 €). The delivery fee is always paid when boat is delivered on site.

The tourist tax in Croatia is also mandatory, approx. 1.15 € / person / day
(2018). Children under the age of 12 do not pay the tourist tax. Tourist tax is always paid in cash upon receiving the boat on site. Book this for the Croatian Kunta.

There is a wide range of additional services, including those you pay directly to the charter company directly.

Rental boats are returned in refueling (fuel not included in rent).

With the exception of the Port of Departure Port, harbor, anchoring and poop fees are not included in the rental boat rent.


Boat rental boats are well-equipped European quality labels. There are so many new boats that can be picked up for several years.

Rental boats are available in all sizes, the smallest ones being 31 feet long, the largest being about 60 feet. The number of cabins naturally ranges from 2 cabins to five cabins. Some of the largest yachts also feature a so-called ” a skipper’s cabin that is small and relatively modest. In all rental boats you can also use the saloon for overnight stays, bed capacity is usually indicated by cabins + salon (eg 6 + 2 beds). In addition to sailing boats, Fountain Pajot and Lagoon catamarans and motor boats. All in all, you can choose from more than 5,500 boats around the world. We specialize in Croatia, where we have many good partners. It is important to note that each boat is to some extent its own individual. Equipment, layout and smaller details vary.Age always works, we recommend 0-7 years old boats. Pictures in connection with boat presentations are often advertisements of the boat manufacturer. Charter Boats can be distinguished from boat pictures. If some detail is important to you, make sure it’s the way you want it.

Additional Services

Additional services and extra charge a wide range of services and supplies. Outboard for an inflatable boat, SUP board, snorkeling equipment, genetics etc. or even the food and drinks ready for the boat.

One-way sailing can also be done, including a separate fee. Detailed information on a case-by-case basis. You can also get a skipper as an additional service, international or Finnish.

Additional services always pay for the on-site service.

Insurance and Insurance (Safety Deposit)

All yachts are insured. The insurance has a deductible which is typically 1500 e 3000 e depending on the size, age and type of the boat. If damage to a boat is caused, but the cost of repairing damage is lower than the deductible, only the actual cost will be charged. All damages should be reported immediately to the emergency number of the boat rental company (on duty 24/7). In case of greater damage, the maximum billing amount is the amount of deductible.

For the deductible portion, the renter will provide the charterer with a security deposit when hiring. In practice, this usually happens in such a way that the charter company makes an advance payment of the corresponding amount to the customer’s credit card. In the event of any damage, the deductible is deducted from the amount of the damage and the charge is made on the credit card account. If there are no reimbursable damages, the advance payment on the credit card will be void after final inspection of the boat. The security can also be given in cash In boat rentals, it is possible to reduce the deductible (usually € 100 to € 200) by paying a separate deposit (so-called deposit insurance). The fee consists of two parts: the non-refundable portion (usually 150-300 € depending on the boat) directly to the insurance company and about 100 – 200 € refundable part of the cash (which will be returned after the rental period if there are no reimbursable damages). Practices vary from country to country and from rental companies, minimizing ownership is not always and everywhere possible.

Some damage, such as lost inflatable boat, broken window and sails, etc., are often excluded from insurance. The insurance also does not replace the personal property of the customers.

Chop yourself or hire a skipper

You can rent a boat alone and act as a skipper or rent a boat and so on. hire a skipper. The chopper must always have an international boat charter certificate and a coastal ship’s radio certificate . The crew does not have formal qualifications. On a sailing trip you will also learn about boating and sailing in comfortable conditions. The crew can do even with boating skills when there is a lively mind, desire to participate in a boat and do things together.

For a leash (Finnish or international) for an extra charge, please ask us separately. For renters a private cabin must be reserved and the renter is responsible for the cost of the skipper.

How do I rent a boat, cancellation policy?

Once you’ve made your reservation, you will receive an invoice for pre-payment and rental terms. We will continue to charge the charter to the charter company.

Basic fee terms and conditions; at the time of booking, 50% of the rent, approximately 8- 10 weeks before departure, will pay 50% of the rent. If the boat rental is canceled earlier than 60 days before the beginning of the rental period, prepaid rents will not be refunded. Any reservation canceled less than 60 days before the beginning of the rental period will be charged in addition to the prepayment for the rest of the week.

Detailed boat rental conditions according to the terms and conditions of the respective boat rental company that you will receive when booking.

Boat rental documents

A few weeks before departure, no later than the final invoice, we will ask for a crew list. The crew list requires the crew’s names, addresses, nationalities, date of birth and passport numbers. We will continue to ship the catalog to the boat rental company.

We will ask for and copy forward copies of the boat rental license for the boat charter and radio certificate for the boat.

Boat surrender and return

A delivery check is carried out when the boat is delivered. Body, fittings, equipment, etc. are examined through a representative of the rental company. Often the sails are also opened and their condition is confirmed.

The bail test includes a skipper for the boat and we recommend that the bumper be involved. The main purpose of the handover check is the equipment instruction manual, display of various switches and switch positions (water, electricity, gas, etc.). If you notice any defects, defects or breakages on machines, equipment, boat hulls, hatches, valves, etc., note them. The purpose is to fix the defects and get an intact and functional boat. However, if it is a case that is not appropriate / need to be corrected, ask that it be entered in the transfer record.

Also use it independently before leaving the harbor to get to know the boat and its
activities. In some rare cases, the delivery check is very subtle, then you will need to be active and examine the boat comprehensively.

When a boat is restored, a similar inspection is carried out and the diver is also checking the bottom of the boat. The main rule is that you return the boat in the same condition as it was at the time of donation taking into account normal wear. If any place is broken or damaged, it is evaluated whether it was due to use, normal wear, or for any other user- dependent or independent reason. On this basis, you agree whether you are liable or not. Usually, things are done flexibly and on a regular basis, and we have not come across “dragging” in our own activities. However, it is good to remember that if something breaks because of the storm, wind, etc., you are responsible. The boat must be used in such a way and within its capabilities to avoid such damage. Weather conditions, as always,

If boat, machine, equipment, etc. is damaged or something breaks during the rental week, always first contact the rental company, report on it and agree on follow-up. Do not undertake any remedial action unless it is necessary to prevent injury or danger. Also, the rental company can be reached by phone.


Changes are possible without any notice, website price information indicative and
unobstructed. Binding price information is provided on bids. The pictures of the boats in the brochures include the manufacturer’s product pictures, the details of the boat can differ from the pictures. Always have the boat and equipment details. TRAVEL BOAT is not responsible for the accuracy of the information received from other operators’ online services. In renting a lease, the lease is made between the charterer and the charterer of the boat when the TRAVEL BOAT is acting as an intermediary. Leaseholder, leasehold or lease requirements and claims should be directed to the leasing company.

We will help you to choose the best option!